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This Privacy Notice describes how Saudi Financial Technology Company and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Group” or individually as “Member”) each collect, process and use Personal Data within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


- In this Privacy Notice, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms referred to shall have the following meaning:

1. Affiliate: means any entity which SFT or any Member of SFT is considered a major shareholder of such entity within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. Personal Data: means any data, which could lead to the identification of a person, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to: First Name and Last Name, Saudi National Identification Number, addresses, phone number, wallet account number, credit card number.

References to "SFT", “AlinmaPay”, “the Member” "we", "us", or "our" includes, individually and collectively, all branches, representing offices, subsidiaries, and Affiliates of any of the Member of SFT that collects and use your Personal Data within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Personal Data We Collect:

The data we collect will vary based on the purpose it is used for. However, below are examples of data we collect:

- Data collected on application forms, questionnaires or other documentation or communications such as, your full name and date of birth.

- Data about your transactions and products with us such as account activity and product use.

- Data collected from your use of our services, websites or mobile apps (such as cookies).

- Data exchanged during our communications with you such as, customer support requests and feedback from you through either our websites, mobile apps, social media accounts or any channels we use to communicate with the customers.

Legal basis and purposes for collection and the use of your Personal Data:

We collect and use data to what is required by our business functions and services. In most cases, our legal basis and purposes include, but not limited to:

- To comply with any obligations and requirements issued by legal and regulatory authorities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- To allow us to provide you with the products or services.

- To protect you against fraud by conducting identity, credit, and conflict checks.

- Enhance our products, services and your experience across our channels.

- Understand your needs as a customer and your eligibility for products and services.

- Promote new products and services that may be of interest to you.

How We Collect your Personal Data:

There are multiple touchpoints, which helps us in collecting your data, a few examples:

- During On boarding and service consumption – When you use our services, become a customer and consume products.

- Exchanges – When you complete a form and upload it on our website or mobile apps, email, social media post, via calling our call center, or through participation in promotional campaigns.

- Interactions (Social Media) – Any posts and interactions you have directly with us on social media channels.

- Browsing Pattern – Data about how you are exploring our website, timings of your visit, Internet Browser types and how you were referred to our website.

- Surveys – Online web surveys that enable us to gather feedback regarding issues. Such as, your likes and dislikes about the look and feel of our website and mobile apps. Your valuable feedback enables us to enhance the quality of experience we provide to you as an organization.

- You – or your authorized agent(s) or representative(s), and

- Where lawful – from third parties and public sources. This includes credit and government agencies.

Storage of your Personal Data:

Your Personal Data will be:

- Retained for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected.

- Stored within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Retained to satisfy any legal and/or regulatory requirements.

Protection of your Personal Data:

We ensure your data is appropriately protected by utilizing the necessary physical, technical, administrative and procedural security measurements to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, or disposal. We safeguard and protect your data in a manner that complies with applicable data protection regulation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, the Internet is not completely secure.

Disclosure of your Personal Data:

- We may share your data with any of the parties mentioned below:

1. Any court, regulatory body, government authority to comply with any obligations and requirements issued by legal and regulatory authorities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. Any debt collection agency, credit bureau, insurer.

3. Any member of SFT or their service providers for the purpose of providing you with the products or services, enhancing our products, services and your experience across our channels, and promoting new financial products and services that may be of interest to you.

We may contact and/or send notifications to you through different channels such as, short messages (SMS), push notifications, WhatsApp, email and/or phone concerning our products and services.

Changes to our Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Notice at any time. The effective date of the Privacy Notice, as stated below, indicates the latest date the Notice was revised or changed. Checking the effective date below allows you to determine whether there have been changes since the last time you reviewed the Privacy Notice. Therefore, we recommend you check the Notice periodically to be aware of the most updated version of this Notice.

Usage of Cookies

In order to improve our customers’ experience, our websites use a standard technology called "cookies" to collect information about how our websites are used, which may include your data. The use of cookies is essential to the operation of our websites.

Contact us

In case of any questions, you can reach us via email, chat, and social media or through our website and mobile app.

Effective Date

This Notice was modified on November 2022.


This Privacy Notice is not intended to, nor does it, create any contractual rights whatsoever or any other legal rights, nor does it create any obligations on us in respect of any other party or on behalf of any party. When you log in to third parties’ websites, you will not be subject or under this Privacy Notice. Moreover, we are not responsible for their websites’ content and we do not represent third parties. Therefore, we recommend you to review the privacy and security policy of each link you log in to.

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